The company was founded in research and development production in fashionable, practical and affordable high-end audio products, satisfy a wide consumer demand as our duty, in line with the "design guide consumption, innovation to realize the value" business philosophy, with a unique design inspiration, the humanized ideas, guide audio consumption of high-tech fashion trends, through the integration of industry resources, relying on science and strong product research and development direction of quality control, has achieved outstanding results.


Enterprise honor


 1, the company's main staff from Panasonic, SONY China area engineers, in the audio industry has many years of research and development production experience. The company is located in the manufacturing capital of "Dongguan", in the pearl river delta region has an excellent supply chain, to provide high quality products precision parts support.

 2. The company was established on August 31, 2016.                                      

 3. Focus on building a production team in 2016-2017.

Excellent staff: five-star excellent staff of four members, four-star staff of four members, three-star staff of six members, two-star staff of many members.

    4. From 2016 to 2018, independently developed 10 CNC metal high-end earphones and 5 resin earphones. , have a precisely research and development on CNC metal technology earphones, and can be mass production.

    5. Become members of association successively in 2018:  

       Member of China audio industry

              Member of Guangzhou audio industry association

              Key recommendation member of Global Resource

            "Golden ear excellent product award" of China audio industry       association in 2018